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Londyn Lindsay and her Indomitable Spirit

DECEMBER 17, remedy 2014 –Kimmel Farm third-grader Collects Coats for Homeless Students By Kim Underwood A while back, there Londyn Lindsay and her mother, Sherise, came upon a mother and boy who looked as if they might be homeless. Londyn’s mother gave the boy’s mother some money. Londyn and her mother had just been to […]

Benefits of Sparring

Through Sparring kids gain self-confidence and a greater understanding of themselves… Is your kid shy and lacking in self-confidence? Does your child know how to cope with failure and set-backs? Through sparring kids learn to face up to their weaknesses and turn them into strengths. Shy kids find it hard to cope with confrontation. Teasing […]

Exercise Is ADHD Medication

Exercise Is ADHD Medication By James Hamblin {C}Electrophysiological plots representing brain processing capacity and mental workload (P3 amplitude) during cognitive tasks that require executive control in children in the experiment and control groups. Red represents the greatest amplitude. (Hillman et al, Pediatrics/The Atlantic) Mental exercises to build (or rebuild) attention span have shown promise recently […]