About TRUtkd

FUN… A safe, order rewarding environment that focuses on the student
STRUCTURED... An organized curriculum that has been proven to deliver outstanding results
QUALITY… Qualified, experienced instructors

Master d and Hunter

Taekwondo is one of the few activities that a whole family can do together, and one of the few that people can do for a lifetime. Our Instructors are highly trained and love to help people of all ages continually work toward becoming everything that God wants for them to be! Taekwondo is for everyone, regardless of age or body type, and it teaches self-defense as well as character and integrity.
By teaching focus, confidence and self-control we strive to help our students resolve conflicts before they escalate into physical violence. We teach effective self-defense techniques that can be used only when a physical situation is inevitable. At TRU Taekwondo Center, our mission is not only to teach our students how to stay safe, but to instill in them a leadership mindset.
Most Taekwondo schools fall easily into a few categories. Some schools spend all of their efforts ensuring their classes are fun and/or entertaining. This quickly attracts the attention of new students but usually lacks the substance to improve body and mind. Some schools only stay true to the ancient traditions of the art. This limits their student base to those who are more interested in the history and lifestyle than the character development of the art. Finally, there are schools that focus mainly on the competition aspects of Taekwondo.

While this may build a great fighter it doesn’t necessarily give them the self-control or respect required to make a good Martial Artist. TRU Taekwondo Center will focus on a balance of all three categories and provide classes that are safe, fun and exciting while helping build good citizens and leaders for our community.

About Master Martin Douglas

• Over 30 years of experience
• Kukkiwon Certified 6th Degree Black Belt
• Graduate from North Carolina State University
• Founder and owner of TRU Taekwondo Center
• Certified in sports Injury Prevention
• Former U.S. Open Poom-sae Champion
• 6 time North Carolina State Poom-sae Champion
• 6 time North Carolina State Sparring Champion